CRNA’s Present Possible Solution to Demand for Anesthesia Posted on Nov 15

By Sterling Medical Staff:

As the demand for healthcare grows quicker than the supply, one of the most daunting setbacks lies in the lack of qualified anesthesiologists.  A study conducted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) found that “a nationwide shortage of anesthesiologists is beginning to have a profound effect in larger hospitals, delaying elective procedures, and in extreme cases, closing down surgical suites.”1 However, findings of a recent study suggest CRNAs may provide the greatest hope in meeting anesthesia needs in the future. Read more

Radiology Technique Developed by Ohio Physician Used to Treat Soldiers Posted on Nov 12

By Sterling Medical Staff:

The recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have produced a large increase in shrapnel injuries among our soldiers overseas.  However, the military is working to combat this trend by training its physicians in a breakthrough surgical technique created by an Ohio radiologist. Read more

Speech Language Pathologists Healing Through Horses Posted on Nov 6

By Sterling Medical Staff

When people think of speech language pathology, they typically envision a sterile office environment where patients recite drill-like speech patterns. However, the increasing prevalence of a technique known as hippotherapy ought to change some conceptions of what speech language pathology entails. Read more