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Physicians and Providers

If you are a Physician or Healthcare Provider seeking placement in one of our care specialties, please email us at the above address or contact us at one of the e-mail addresses listed below to speak with a recruiter in your specific practice area.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists:

Clinical Psychologists:

Clinical Social Workers:

Emergency Room Physicians:

Family Nurse Practitioners:

Family Practice Physicians:


Internal Medicine Physicians:


Occupational Therapists:




Physical Therapists:

Physician Assistants:



Registered Nurses:

Registered Nurse Case Managers:

Specialized Registered Nurses:

Speech and Language Pathologists:

Medical Coders

Hospitals and Other Provider Clients

If you are a representative of an organization or institution seeking client healthcare staffing services through Sterling Medical, please contact us at:

Please click the following link to see a list of facilities in your area where opportunities may be available. Facilities