Registered Nurses

High-quality nurses are the foundation of successful healthcare delivery, and the need for nurses has never been greater. If you are a qualified registered nurse, we have a position for you.

We specialize in high-quality, ongoing nurse staffing solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs. Sterling Medical offers nurses a wide variety of opportunities, including:

  • Employment at a Sterling Medical-operated healthcare facility
  • Placement as supplemental staff to build a client’s existing base of qualified nursing staff
  • Participation in our traveling nurse services, supporting facilities in various locations on an interim basis

Many of our nursing opportunities are located in attractive living locations, including 50 states, 3 U.S. territories, and 13 foreign countries. All of our positions offer competitive compensation and an industry-leading benefits package.

We generally have several positions available for many nurse specialties, especially the following:

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What percentage of Registered Nurses work in hospitals as opposed to other healthcare environments?

  • A) 50%
  • B) 35%
  • C) 60%
  • D) 75%

C) 60%

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